Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!


I don’t like being forced to put my name or e-mail address to you. Is that not a form of control? You want our stories of redemption for “Your cause” but why? Why want them? What is your point and reasoning? Oh it sounds good and all and yet by getting our stories freely what use will it be to you after you get them? What will you use them for? Playing the hand of good will means nothing if you can’t give and bring support to us with tangible physical help sites in our states verses the reading of stories that give helpful ideas but mabe not doable within our states restraints confinements. And least you forget the how we were convicted dictated our imprisonment sufferings and now our lives out here. Were bound by legal forced accountability laws that dictate and control our lives aside from being labeled( as if that wasn’t enough) to try to re make it out here and if not we will get cited, jailed and charged with a new charge if they want. And all you want is left alone to cry in despair, have no civil rights, have nothing nor any tangible safe long term place to live, being homeless, trying and trying and getting no where for 6 yrs. now and just might get off the registry in 10 yrs., being personally and (wrongfully) critiqued and judged still then to ask for this request baised upon being a so called “good girl” and it is done. So how is stories
going to help me? Hows that for trying to make it out here? All this against your life AND be on the registry too? There is no states help here except for the men and they have it before released. That’s another why question? Great witch hunt and good court hatred got my life ruined. I did NOOO wrong. There is NOOO proof and I have kept myself in states compliance’s NOT for because I did any so called wrongs but because I want off registry in 10 yrs. and just mabe then I can REALLY be freed and cleared to start a new life for myself. I have no life, I have a labeled lying stigmatized life to endure now, to get through, to work at times and can get that but no housing .While knowing your innocent and not believed to hating how their lies make life hell, you go on anyway hopeless and without any meaning. I don’t want this life. Why wasn’t the other 2 questioned and in court? I made it through 18 hellish yrs. of prison….. I now am in another imprisoned hell living out here. Lost my kids, lost my life, lost