Reply To: A call for journalists: Consider the ethics of truth about registered citizens



Even with ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND FACTS on our side, changing public opinion is still going to be an up-hill battle every step of the way. We have to recognize that sex offenders are hated and loathed by the public; especially those sex offenders who have molested young children in the 12 and under age group. These laws are not based on fear, in my opinion, but on a blind, visceral hatred and general absence of intent to forgive. For years the mantra of child advocates has been, “When a child is molested, they’re ruined for life. The abuse is a life sentence to the victim.” This is where the old “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” mentality comes in. Society figures that if the abuser ruined their victims for life, then the offender should also be ruined for life. In the public’s estimation how fair is it for the victim to have to pay for the offender’s abuse for life when the abuser “only has to serve a few years in prison and then go on with his life like nothing ever happened”??

This is really what’s at the back of these laws. Not fear or misinformation, but blind, visceral hate. We can cite all the facts and true stats in the world, but in the end public opinion won’t be swayed by one iota.