Reply To: A call for journalists: Consider the ethics of truth about registered citizens

Donnie G

In a politically charged country on the very brink of armed revolution and martial law the rights of offenders is going to seem like a secondary (or lower) problem to be addressed. In the world of an idealist it seems “right” that person who has served his time be restored to the statis of a protected citizen once again but this just isn’t realistic. In a political ,corporate or legal arena it is accepted that scapegoats are employed to divert attention from the actual fault. A convenient place to “dump the trash” if you will. In our society sex offenders fit the scapegoat requirement perfectly. We have few resources, we are universally dispised and we are already guilty of something. True offender reform is a noble and “right” action but I believe that no politician or lawmaker is likely to give up his favorite whipping boy, it would be hard to think of a more perfect target group then people with few rights or recourse. (for the record I was convicted during a District Attorney election year, you do the math) As much as I’d like to live a fuller, more rewarding life I can’t see anyway for it to happen. I think the best we can aspire to (and it angers me greatly) is to do just what the establishment needs us to (remain fearful of a misinformed public and comparatively powerless ) , stay out of trouble and always be mindful that things will get a lot worse before we see improvement.