Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?



P.S. hey Saddles,

Your probation officers gives ZERO shits about you and your problems. The only reason any probation officer (pretends to) listen to our problems is because they want to see if you’re going to show signs of a potential re-offense.
So while you’re over there kissing your P.O.’s ass for all to see , tell us, is he gonna let you go to the local lobster fest? How about Six Flags with some friends? Or maybe that company Christmas party where people get to bring their families (i.e. CHILDREN)?

Be very careful of speaking higjly about probation when directing your comments to me. I’m not fond of them and I WILL respond accordingly.
Remember, I’m the guy on here that did a newspaper article when they put a GPS on me for working at a restaurant that had a bar where my former partner did drag performances. I moved from one city to another after they violated me and guess what… I ended up working at a RESTAURANT-BAR in the new city going to a new probation office in a new jurisdiction. Funny that, eh?
I also filed a complaint with a local human/civil rights organization against them. But of course on the day of the hearing, the human rights people told me to just adhere to their (probation’s) bullshit and be done with it in a few years.
Human/civil rights eh? They can kiss my ass, too.

Probation caused me to be homeless for 6/7 months after the violation because while I was locked up awaiting my court date I lost my job which made me lose my apartment.

So listen up once more, ok? Here is comes….


Let that sink in a bit. And have a good night.