Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


Hey Saddles,

First of all, WTF are you even talking about?
Are you also incapable of comprehending what you read? Telling me to tone it down is not going to make me tone down a damn thing so don’t waste the time to type it.
Did you even take any…..ANY notice of what I was saying in my last post? Apparently not. And it shows.

We are all here complaining about what we’re being put through but we’re complaining to EACH OTHER rather than making a stand to those who NEED TO HEAR OUR VOICES.
Wtf was so hard for you to understand about that? You tell me to tone it down? Ha! Nope. Because “tone it down” is exactly what your piss ass probation office would tell you and all of us when we show we’re getting fed up with their bullshit.
Tone it down is what the system and the public at large will tell is because our emotions mean SHIT to them.
We must have all certainly ruined the life of little Shirley Temple type children so we’re all scum of the earth.

YOU tone it down. And next time, before you reply to a comment, make sure you actually bothered to READ it and UNDERSTAND the message in it. Your repsonse is no better than the people who comment on the news articles without fully reading what the article says.