Reply To: Seeking Registered Humans! Tell Your Story!

Mike candela

They tricked me onto the registry in Fl. When I accepted a plea deal, it said NOTHING about a sex offender registry; the year was 1994 and there was no mention of the internet, much less a sex-con website devoted to publicly humiliating a person to death in the guise of safety for the community. I took the plea(Lewd and Lascivious acts with a child under 16). It doesn’t sound that bad, as there is no mention of rape or sex or anything like that. But it was enough for me to “magically” appear on the registry when it was launched in Fl on Oct 1 97. They needed faces to be able to harass. They took everyone currently on probation in the state of Fl, and added them to the registry. These 2,500 or so people had NO knowledge of this when they accepted the plea bargain. They added them on there, and in the written statutes wrote it as: “anyone convicted on or after Oct 1 97, OR STILL SERVING SANCTIONS” Since when did ANY criminal statute start with “OR STILL SERVING SANCTIONS.” Anyway, 20 years later I’m still trying to get past the registry, having been put on there as shock value in the beginning, so the public could oooh and aaah at the faces, which at that time had the word “DANGER” in big bold letters with sirens flashing around my head. That shows you how vindictive some lawmaker wanted to be…..I’m on a warpath now. It’s time!!