Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


As much as I’m glad I found this site a few years ago when doing some research of sex offense laws, I am finding that we’re all here preaching to the choir.
The things we are saying in these comments sections need to be said in a more public forum.
We are RSO’s preaching to other RSO’s (and maybe a few of their relatives who frequently pop on here) about what we already know; The laws/rules of probation and the public at large are hypocritical, contradicting and discriminatory.

We also know that not every so called “sexual offense” is a rape or child molestation.
But the masses don’t know that nor do they care.
As a bisexual man who had an illegal relationship with a female and has also had long term boyfriends, I cannot stand the LGBT anymore. They’ve all gone nuts with shoving their “acceptance and equality” down everyone’s throats YET…being part of the LGBT “community” I can tell you that the UNacceptance of other LGBT’s comes from WITHIN their community.
That being said, I can’t stand the far left liberal LGBT, SJW and now this mentally challenged Antifa nonsense who like to block traffic, call everyone “nazis” and “patriarchs” and DEMAND that everyone live as they live and while they are doing this, they cover their faces with masks/scarves so as to be able to commit ILLEGAL ACTS OF VIOLENCE against the right wing conservatives. Hurling bottles of urine, M-80’s and smashing Trump supporters upside the head with bicycle locks but these people are somehow NOT a threat to “public safety”. Interesting.

What we need to be doing is the same shit they are doing. Let’s take advantage of the ideology, shall we?
Even if we don’t agree with HOW they try to send their message across, let’s (pretend) to be on their side and take advantage of their argument about “acceptance and equality” and see if they will accept us. If they’re going to cover their faces to be able to get away with criminal acts of violence then they should be able to accept that we once committed a crime ourselves , right? RIGHT!

So, instead of us all being here saying the same shit over and over again to each other, let’s take to the streets in MASSES (stop being pussies, we cannot all be arrested) and let’s ask this “God fearing country” where their forgiveness is in all their Christian beliefs.

And if they still taunt us, then we use the same bullshit the leftists use, we yell at them calling them “racists” and “bigots” (because that’s what Antifa does. Say you don’t agree with Islam and somehow you’re racist because a religion turned into a race over night somehow).

We’ve got our neighboring country of Canada which has PASSED LAWS that can get you arrested if you do not use the CORRECT PRONOUNS when speaking to a TRANSGENDER person. WTF!!??
If that can happen, ANYTHING CAN.
Let the public refer to us as “pedophiles”, it’s their FEEL GOOD insult. That’s why I keep bringing up verses from their previous bible that they swear by so much. Moses and his people were more pedophilic than I’ll ever be. Remind these hate mongers that their beloved Jesus came from a teenage girl.
Then, we just continue on yelling and screaming that we did what we did and now it’s time to move on and they must accept us regardless.

Something more than complaining on a messaging forum amongst each other has to happen. And putting on the “politically correct” attitude by basically submitting ourselves to the mercy of the legislature and the courts is not exactly working.
If the LGBT can get laws passed in Canada that can get us arrested for not referring to someone as whatever gender they identify as (because we should all be mind readers) then GODDAMN IT, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING IN OUR FAVOR!