Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry



There are ongoing and inaccurate assertions that the seriousness of the sex crime is related to the risk of recidivism. This conflation has been put advanced by those on all fronts as related to sex offender registration and supervision. Such assertions should be challenged because recidivism is related to known, quantifiable factors (such as age, education, family situation, history of committing crimes, etc.). Recidivism, in almost all sex crimes, is not related to the seriousness of the sex crime. When considering who needs supervision and where limited resources are spent, it is a mistake to conflate the seriousness of the crime with the risk of re-offending. There is no such association. While claiming to be watching “the worst offenders” may sound good for political or media purposes, objective and rational thinkers must resist the temptation to accept or promote false claims, including the unsupported conflation of the type of sex crime and the risk to the community.