Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?



One last thing I would like to say on this topic of discussion is I sometimes let my thoughts over load my brain. I have no disrespect for my friend maestro or sandy. I can’t even force my sister to take me to church even though she is my chaperone. The other lady which is in a nursing home is my other chaperone. Yes, they wanted me to sign papers saying I knew I was talking to a teenage girl before they would give me these chaperones’. I didn’t because one of the chaperone’s stood up for me. I think you all know where I’m coming from on that one. Maestro, you give color to this forum and I like that. Sure you have your beliefs.
As a matter of fact I somewhat had those same belief’s when I was a bee bopping around in my late 60’s and 70″s. Lost a few friends in Vietnam and other things. Back than their was no sex registry so to speak of or things like they are today. Has our culture changed of has our understanding changed. Has moral gotten so bad that people now have to go on the internet and pull bogus stunts on man to entice them weather weak or strong.
Now on a serious I am just thankful that some on here have a forum like this to talk about these sex offenses and to reason it out. Now we can all reason this out in a right way or either give up on our inalienable rights as someone mentioned on here. We all have our rights’ remember. Love you guys!