Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?



“(2) Once we commit our offense, whatever it is, the rest of “respectable” society is of the opinion we forfeited all of our basic human rights and are no longer human beings of equal value to the rest of society. This is even deeper and more visceral when a child is involved.”

I for one am sick of people saying anyone who commits a crime has forfeited all their rights. Many rights, especially human rights, are inalienable. They CANNOT be forfeited!

“(3) All the talk about child safety is just legislator speak designed to mask the deep visceral personal animus the law is borne of so that it can be sure to pass constitutional muster. These laws would never stand if lawmakers uniformly came out and said, “We wish these sick monsters would be murdered in prison one by one, but since they’re not we have to put up with most of them again. …”

Several legislators in Florida (and some other states) have already publicly done this (besides the Books family). Not a day goes by that I don’t hear one talking about “scorched earth” sex offender polices to keep RSOs out of their community. Numerous legislators have made it crystal clear that they use the registry as punishment and mean nothing civil by it.