Reply To: NARSOL to SCOTUS: End social media bans


Listen, you have to understand. These laws are not about you, there not about protecting society. Its about revenue and its about making money, bottom line. Each and every law enforcement official, judge, solicitor general, governor and all others I haven’t mentioned know full well that these laws are unjust and its always in the back of their minds even after all these years, Yet they do nothing. And they do nothing because of all the jobs and money that the registries create, bottom line. So yes our politicians are putting money way ahead of the damage their creating families of offenders and the offenders themselves. Thats why states such as pennsylvania, ohio, alaska etc….who have declared these laws unconstitutional, are still having difficulty getting people off the registry. Dragging their feet to get as much money out of it til they absolutely positively no doubt about it have to remove them. Check it out!