Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?



The lawmakers, the courts and the rest of the people who condemn us use “God” against us. And that’s why I lash out at ALL religions. I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

Sex is a NATURAL and NORMAL human function, trait, whatever you want to call it be it a noun, verb, etc. Even homosexual is NATURAL and found in damn near every species on the planet. Amazing what scientific studies vs biblical rhetoric can bring to light.

I’ve read many comments on here where people are praising god and Jesus for jobs, housing, money, etc. They would have gotten the same results if they got on their knees every day and prayed to Ronald McDonald.
And I’m not saying that to offend any of them.
Personally MY life has gotten easier since abandoning religion. It’s like once we’re all off probation we can finally go to that mall and shop or go see a movie or go eat at a fast food restaurant and we don’t have to look over our shoulders worrying that our probation officer (“god”) might see us and violate us.
“God” isn’t really helping anyone here regardless of whatever job prospects opened up for anyone here. God hasn’t taken you off the registry. God hasn’t made your probation officers any more open minded. God isn’t going to stop a potential loss of work or housing if someone makes a complaint about your sex offense and registry. Therefore, “god” should probably be kept out of these very serious issues. Let’s focus on real human beings that we can see and touch and talk to, not some invisible man in the sky who we’re simply putting faith in. How many years have some of us been on probation while holding this “faith”?