Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?



I’m not really in any battle with Sandy or anyone else. What I will do is challenge people’s beliefs. The same way people who are religious want to question, challenge and condemn me to a fiery enternity for no longer believing in fairytales. And all it took for me to come to the realization that they’re fairytales was ACTUALLU READING THE BIBLE.

Ok, do, “victims” families and judges and the people of the public like to condemn us for our sexual deeds (whatever they may be, mine was an actual rendezvous with a female who was a year under legal age). And I just make sure to point out that when they start throwing their wrath of “god” at me, their “god” was allowing “Moses” and the Israelites to go around confiscating lands and killing everyone (for no reason) and taking the young female children as sexual slaves.
Interesting since the same book talks about Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed for sexual immorality blah blah blah.

Let this imaginary “god” tell someone’s 13 yr old daughter that she’s going to be impregnated with the “2nd coming of the Christ child” and see if they’re all for it. Because TECHNICALLY if they would be all for it, any one of us could say “Hey, when she’s done giving birth, can I date her? She’s a hottie!” (Disclaimer; I’m saying this facetiously because my point is to throw their beliefs in their faces for this reason – If you can’t honestly follow it, don’t bother believing in it).
Also, because no matter the old or new testament, apparently the “word of god” is everlasting and never changing …..right? Right.