Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?



Ah Maestro I see you and Sandy are still battling the wits of each other. You said in one of your comments which part of the Old Testament should we believe. How about the one where the people were in bondage. We all could start using that as an example. Even the New Testament gives us the “B” attitudes. Believe it or not a few years ago Brenda sent me an e-mail and wanted me to tone down a bit in using christian ethnic in these sex offenses, and you know she was right in a lot of ways. Well we can all beat up on ourselves or we all can take a stand and make things right.
Sure I didn’t want to take my plea deal as USA mentioned in his comment on here. Are we all still divided on who’s right and who’s wrong. Maestro, my probation officer is a good man even thou he still talks to me about stoning but would that be the best method today? Theirs a guy on here that talks about the Jim Crow Law and I can understand why that law was a bit off the wall. Shoot I remember when I use to get paddelings in school. I guess today that would be a form of abuse and so would beating up on oneself. If one could get any money out of it I’m sure they would.
You know I didn’t know much about the Old Testament like I did the New so I had to refresh.
One person on here talks a bit about plea-deals, yes I was given one which at the time I was a bit confused as my lawyer didn’t know what to do and I was weak in understanding myself since pressures were placed upon us in all these sex offense area’s. Lee Griffith says do these sex registries make since, To man’s pride they do. To get re-elected they do, but what about the little people. Who wants to be dominated by a government that oppresses some and overlooks the other or should we “let them eat cake” I don’t think we should go back to the middle ages or falsely intimidate others.