Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


Inequality? The writer of this article has something for all of us to understand. Is this whole sex hoopla a war against sex or sex crimes. It saddens me to hear some of these stories and comments on here about someone’s child and that child being caught up in all this sex madness. To be labeled for life as a sex offender sounds like being labeled a sinner but than again we can all take a positive side or a negative side to all this. Sure registries are reinforcing inequality. Believe it or not when one takes the basic principals out of America of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness out of the Constitution and mix it with other beliefs than theirs’ trouble involved. Now Sandy, Brenda, Robin and all the others on NARSOL are in here fighting for all of us we on here have different offenses but its all sexual related weather one was caught up in a internet sting operation or one was actually seeing someone in person.
Now people can play the harlot but they talked about that in the bible. Believe it or not our liberty is eroding every day and man wants to be right, so where is inequality. I think we all should have learned that from Sunday School and more so for government. It seems like their are no “We the people” today. Its like you voted us into office and we can lay these law’s down to you how we see fit. Who’s equality now. As I have said before “Two wrongs don’t make a right and when man presses these issue’s to get some type of justification who are the going above. I am by no means a choir boy but a life long punishment isn’t just for anyone.