Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general



Respectfully, isn’t the public shaming associated with AK original ruling by SCOTUS unconstitutional if it was not available for consideration at an individual’s original plea-deal? Should they not be afforded full contemplation of any all consequences if they give up the sacrosanct right to a jury trial? You are as brilliant a person as I’ve read in any post. Smith v. Doe was and remains an abomination in my humble opinion as I understand the Bill of Rights. That you find it Constitutionally sound saddens me.

I can’t imagine anything more offensive to our Federalist doctrine than punishment of any kind applied after the fact under the guise of civil regulations. It has in all ages been a most formidable tool of tyranny to paraphrase our founders. I still think you’re brilliant. Just disagree about Smith v. Doe. Then again, I ain’t sitting on the SCOTUS. God bless.