Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


Sue Wearethepeople

My grandson was caught up in this mess. Guilty before being proved innocent. The justice system made him out to be something he was not. It was the Commonwealth that turned the story around in their favor. It was bad enough my grandson’s young age still in High School. And that the girl gave a false age, which she said she did, that did not matter. What was the worst thing was that the State Police Officer who filed the report had false information on that report. This false information in turn got noted on the SOAB, the Sex Offender Assessment Board. The SOAB, never talked with the girl, who both her and her mother never wanted to press charges. Who would have told them there was never any threat. This is a complete disgrace of what our legal system has become! My grandson who had just turned 18 was kicked out of school, told he could not work, was put on house arrest for a year. He was given poor information from the District Magistrate, which was he was not to be around someone under the age of 16. This was one of his offenses when an old girlfriend stopped in she was 16. This was said in front of the Senior criminal justice class, none of us where there because he was now 18. So it should have been 16 and under. Good Bye $10,000.00 bail bond! His court appointed attorney had given him bad information. So he got himself an Attorney to fight for him, who instead knew that he would not be able to win, so had him sign a papers that said he did it. This was after the DA told him he would make sure he got 80 years in Prison. The sentencing was 33 months to 17 years and the house arrest did not count. I agree that there needs to be change, and we need to start now! My grandson is not a Sex Offender, and never was, but he is doing time as one, and will be label for life as one. Is this girlfriends revenge, or a system that wants to make a point to teenagers about having sex. I know my grandson was made an example of, they even had the press at his SOAB hearing that was not to be allowed. They also had the Vo-tech class at what was to be his sentencing. His third lawyer who was paid big bucks said he could win this.This expensive lawyer said that he could take this to court and win. Needless to say he was not even able to get the notebook from the State Police Officer who had the false information in it! This is our Justice System a failure in my eyes.