Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


“Porn is wrong”….. what!?

You kept saying “porn”. Did you mean child porn? Because no one is going to prison for watching adult porn.

Btw, you did raise a good point and perhaps someone should bring it up during the next legislative session:

“Does watching a movie with a murder in it make me a murderer?” We can even use Law & Order: SVU as an example. Lots of murdering going on in that TV show. Plus, I’d argue that the insinuation of the rapes and child molestations that occur in the show’s plots can give people ideas. (Not that I agree with that but if the powers that be want to make up horseshit reasons for everything sexual being a crime, we can start making up horseshit to sling right back at them).

Let’s push them into forcing censorship and see how the rest of the country likes it.