Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


L.D. Mc Donald

Pathetic how these Judge’s and Court’s have chosen to discriminate against anyone with a sex offense, absolutely no mercy shown or given. The Attorney’s have ruined our legal system to a point of no return…..self-righteous, arrogant and with not even caring about the people they’ve put away or helped ruin thousand’s of lives across the United States? Evil beyond word’s, especially here in Florida…. I’ve personally seen men trying to defend their good name, fight in trial to no avail….and sentenced to 30-40 year’s in prison for something they did not do… evidence, no witnesses, no defense ( oh maybe a Public Defender who does absolutely nothing to help their client) out spent by the deep pockets of the State Attorney’s Office and the power that they yield??? No hope or chance of getting out from false accusations, etc. Checking out Falsely Accused on line I see that 60% of those “accused” of a sex crime, are innocent, but yet the hardest crime to get out from under…especially without a “paid” Attorney….and even then most of them do nothing to help and force you to jump on a “plea deal” after you’ve been warehoused in a County Jail for many month’s or year’s! These State Legislature’s have “chosen” to get on this bandwagon too, using sex offender’s to elevate their Political ambitions….at the expense of thousand’s that are imprisoned and treated like dirt when they’ve served the time that was imposed upon them…..evil and a sign of a very sick society…..reminds me of a scripture in Matthew ……”whatever you do to the least of these….you do unto me”…….and many of them claim to be Christian’s…