Reply To: Former sex offender makes positive difference in others’ lives


I am not an RSO. I’m the adoptive parent of a child who was groomed and raped prior to coming to our home. His rapist is registered as an SVP. However, I’m also a social worker currently looking for housing as part of a home plan for an SVP in prison for a technical parole violation. I know this will be a difficult task, even though I know he’d be an excellent tenant. He’s part of our church. He’s a brother-in-Christ. My role is not part of any job, just as a friend. Someday, he would like to do workshops for parents on how to protect their children from sexual predators. I wish he could be a mentor to my son, who is at risk for becoming a victim-offender. But he’s not allowed contact with minors. I’m thankful for others who provide housing. Wish there was someone in my area. Basically, I’m looking at questionable trailer parks. His previous housing, in another county, was awful and expensive. I only saw it after he was unexpectedly arrested for the parole violation, and couldn’t believe how awful it was. My daughter and I cleaned it. We had to throw our clothes away afterwards due to the presence of pests and the amount of chemicals he used to keep them under control. No one should live under those circumstances.