Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?

V. Lee Griffith

So much of it does not make sense. A young man in college has porn on his computer and gets sentenced for six years and registration. If I watch a movie showing a murder, does it make me a murderer? Porn is wrong but haven’t we gone overboard with punishment? If you are caught with porn on your computer, you are treated the same as a rapist. These people are sentenced to a life time of punishment for a crime of having watched porn in college. Talk about extreme! Unfortunately, it is usually the naive young men that they go after because they are easy targets. Research shows that most of these young men have flawless records. Yet, congress and the BOP chooses to crucify them. Housing in returning to society is just one issue. They are labeled for life because of looking at porn in college. Many judges do not agree with the proposed penalty but, if they want to “climb the ladder”, they go along with the harsh penalty. We are taking people out of society to punish them for life! These are people that could have had good productive jobs and been an asset to their community. When a young man goes to prison, his family goes to prison too. Life is taken from the parents of that young person. I am personally aware of a young mother and wife trying to find housing for the family when her husband returns home from prison in a few months. This young father had porn on his compute and received eight years in prison. This mother was left with a child in arms. They are told that counseling will be provided for the inmates. There is NONE given. The years spent in prison are not in support of any rehab program. This type of punishment brings a new meaning injustice. When the families visit the facilities, they are treated like criminals themselves and talked down to.