Reply To: Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?

Alan R Hyde

Do they work? I like to know ? Has it stop sex crimes? Why has the system fail to have other crimes listed? Thief, what? O k for some one to rob you ? Please note that a sex crime was miss use of property. And what if a sex criminal get his case “set aside” and dismissed? I mean the judge ruled the the matter for which the verdict was set aside. For the can happen? The system will refuse to even look at it. Having a innocent man on a list. Man sound like a great Christian thing. I would like to as our election leaders ” would they like to life like this?” Man for over 22 years I myself have seen nothing be fear run rapid. I am a RSO with a court order which “set aside” and dismissed the case. I just do not have $25,000.00 for a attorneys to sue the state. The state of Texas has the Registered Sex law. In the charter. 62.002 tell one how one can be taken off. The issue is, The State will not enforce the very same law. What kind of standard of life do we have when we can violate other law abilities just because of simply in fear? Oh, it was done with the Japanese American.. In our great War, World War II our courtyard placed them in camps far away. And enlisted young men to fight a war. Look at that. Now protection of our kids right? Look at the story of karate kid. In that war, they was trying to show they was just as any other American. The record show they had a 300% wound and over 17 earn our highest award. Just so they can return to be called a nip.
I live in a city were RSO can not be in a city park. They work pay taxes obey the laws and harm no one. I read the mission statement of the city park statement. The service are to be for all. Protection of children, what happen to parents protection and keeping a eye on the children. Wow what a odd idea. And the state can do it for free. Why do the state have what call CPS, child protectionist service. At a time adult presants told the child go out play. Play with your friends well that wrong. That child must be under the parent watchful eye. I have found were it against the constitution as well.