Reply To: Former sex offender makes positive difference in others’ lives


I am glad to see a positive article on here. Sure, if truth be known we are all carnal by nature, whether we were duped over an internet or actually touched someone in the wrong way. Its all about morals and being honest. I see the homeless all the time either begging for money out on the side of the road or freeway islands and it is a shame. I’m sure their are their for a reason begging. Helping others is the best and Godly thing one can do and we should not be heathen’s toward another with no compassion at all. If we don’t clean up this sex offender registry in some biblical way than the future doesn’t hold to much for American Liberty.
Look at these internet things one can smell the money and greed all in the name of duping someone. Than comes man’s prejudice’s to another fellow human being and where is think of others better than yourself. Is that gone the way of Christianity…… Think about it.