Reply To: Former sex offender makes positive difference in others’ lives


The laws that require treatment after incarceration are designed not as a means of rehabilitation for the offender, but as a containment strategy to keep offenders under the oppressive thumb of the state indefinitely. These laws are there to ensure offenders never have a normal, peaceful life. The mantra is “if a filthy child molester messes with a kid, it screws that kid up for life. Therefore, we’re going to ensure the molester is screwed up for life as well.” That’s what’s behind post-confinement supervision.

Post-confinement “supervision” is all about state-sanctioned harassment and extortion. Yes, extortion. Look at the supervision fees, the G.P.S. monitoring fees, the polygraph fees, and the treatment fees. They want to keep offenders as broke and as socially disabled as possible.