Reply To: Former sex offender makes positive difference in others’ lives

Dominic Galliani

Our country needs more places and people loike this. Sex offenders have such a bad stigma, and yet statistics show we have the lowest recidivism rate among any offenders, especially those of us who have gone through a program in prison. The worst part I think is if I went through a program in prison, why am I still required to go to counseling for the rest of my life? These laws are ludicrous and absurd. What is the purpose of taking a program in prison if we are still required to go to counseling? I think that anyone who is putting forth an effort to help those of us who are finding it difficult finding jobs, housing, and even places we frequent, kudos to those people. My goal now that I have been released from prison is to do my part once I an on my feet and get settled. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!!