Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy

Tom Cruz

In Texas Polygraphs are not permitted in the courtroom, and if even there’s a mention that one has taken a poly it is not tolerated. If this is the case why are we subject to these self criminating devices? Something has to be done about this. Its bad enough that we have to take whatever small paying job we are given because of this offense, but these people are taking money that we don’t have. Here’s the thing, If we can’t pay we are in danger of incarceration. All these laws were made to be failed so these idiots could lock us up. But yet murderers whom have killed families, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters are getting slapped on the hand and walking free without being subject to what we are subject to. This is an outrage! Im good enough to pay taxes, yet I’m treated worse than leper in the bible.