Reply To: Pittsburgh’s largest daily asks Supreme Court to review Muniz case

Dominic Galliani

My comment to you is this— When someone commits a crime say robbery and they serve their entire 10 year sentence, they are done. They served their time and they are released. Sex offenders are no different except that after they serve their maximum sentence they have the stigma of reporting on a registry. Now all in all the registry is not a bad thiung except that once it exceeds the maximum time of a sentence, now it becomes unconstitutional. If someone who is released is let out on parole, then if they mess up they can be re-incarcerated. But only until their maximum sentence is fulfilled, unless they commit another crime. If a sex offender serves their maximum sentence then they have 15, 25 or a lifetime to worry about going back to prison simply for failing to register. They didn’t even commit another crime and have served their maximum time and without re-offending they risk the opportunity to re put back in jail. This is unconstitutional. Also, it negatively affects the tranquility of life making it very difficult, if not utterly impossible to find a good job, and a place to live. Why does society feel that someone who commits a robbery, home invasion, or some other violent crime can serve their time and all is hunky dory. The registry should only be accessible to law enforcement and should only be utilized when there is a crime committed in the area of the registered offender. These laws need to be revamped because there are harsh. Any amount of time on the registry over and beyond the maximum sentence should only be available to law enforcement and should not be an immediate charge and incarceration unless its proven that the sex offender committed another crime. Statistics have overwhelming proven that sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of any other crime. When a sex offender completes a program in prison, it lowers the recidivism rate even more. Think about it if it was your son that had committed a sex crime and how you would feel in reference to him being recommitted to prison simply for failing to register. There is a national organization out there who is working diligently at getting these laws revised and in some cases repealed. Maybe if the country in general was more informed their opinions would change.