Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy


I get that, but my point about this topic was that these undercover cops are FIRST posing as LEGAL AGE people on these sites. THEN they will say they are actually under age during conventions.
For the conversation to even have occurred, the “actor” had to initially be under the impression that the “poster” of the profile ad was actually a legal aged person.
In my opinion, and I’m sure the opinion of an attorney who realizes that enough is enough, that IS entrapment as the “actor” was intending to, or thinking he was contacting, a legal aged “poster”.

In brief; These cops are CREATING criminals.

Even if the “actor” would not chase after underage persons in his daily life, (much like many of us wouldn’t do drugs BUT if we’re at a party and it’s all around us, we MIGHT indulge) we are ALL guilty of making stupid decisions AFTER the fact (of finding out the person is underage for example, or getting high at a party but not going there with the intent to do so). But the courts and the cops treat these situations as if the original INTENT was to go online dating to find underage people and that is NOT what’s happening most times.

If they want to catch actual child “predators”, they need to stop going on sites where you can’t post your age lower than 18 and just go into random chat rooms and just say “Hey, I’m 14/15, anyone wanna chat?” And THEN they’ll actually get the guys that are truly looking for that kind of thing.

For the record, my case was NOT an online sting. I just have a very bad feeling toward such stings because they’re all done with complete dishonesty from the agents who are supposed to be honest people. Period.