Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy



Thanks Maestro. The thing is there never was an underage person involved so they didn’t really break the 18+ rule. And if the crime happened only in the imagination, then did my doubts about the person really being under 18 (and not just lying for some reason) cancel out any thoughts i had they might actually be under 18? And how can they be so sure what would have happened with a real underage person?

My attorney advised me to settle- that going to a jury trial would be dangerous. Most likely he was correct but who knows- he’s from the area and maybe didn’t want to rock the boat. Sometimes i wonder what would have happened if i could have explained myself clearly to a jury of my peers or an unbiased judge. It’s not that i’m “innocent”- i’m not, and i made a poor choice and don’t think it was the proper thing to do or that what i did should be legal. Just don’t label me as a “child sex predator”.

I’ve second guessed and re-played everything so many times now. One guy got eleven years so i feel lucky (relatively speaking) to have gotten jail and probation. This PD continues to do stings in my area. Must be dozens of guys arrested. Sometimes i wonder if a class action lawsuit is ever a possibility…