Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy


There is a way to deal with this situation…. as soon as they say they are 14 STOP TALKING TO THEM. If they are really 14, then they shouldn’t be on there, and you shouldn’t be talking to them. If possible report them to the app. If it is a cop, a few times of having to redo the ad or profile because they keep getting blocked, then maybe they will learn.

Let’s face it, if you (and I don’t mean you personally) go to someone’s house that has said they are 14, then you deserve what you get, and you (again not you personally) are part of the reason that sex offender’s have such a bad name. There is no good excuse to be at that house. And if they didn’t say they were 14 until you got there, well you know where the door is.