Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry


July 18th was my 63 birthday, what can I say? You’re as young as you feel. To any extent, I want to thank Brenda Jones, Fred, Sandy, Robin and a who lot of others, even some of the complainers, myself included. Yes seems like we are all making strides in this combat of a sexual mischarge of justice to some extent. Yes I have been reprimanded a bit by Brenda Jones in an e-mail to me and coming on here too frequently is not the best medicine for me. As I mentioned in another post I like to channel myself in other areas. Heck, I don’t know how one classifieds a Tier level. If I am an offender with just a potty mouth and no real victim as to speak of than its uncanny what’s going on with justice in other area’s of human nature.
This whole ordeal that we are all going thru can sort of remind us of a modern type version of “A tale of two cities” where one side wants power and the little people get stung all in the name of public safety. Wow I might as well start riding my bicycle for a change.
Now after most all this is said and done about the sex offender ordeal my hopes is that we all learn from all this. Yes we all need to change our attitudes and outlook on a lot of this. Two wrongs don’t make a right and helping others is the best thing and that’s what NARSOL is here for, to help all that are caught up somehow in all this endeavor.