Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy


There should be a way to file a lawsuit against the cops that make fake profiles on Craigslist and dating sites and apps so that they can be held accountable for entrapment due to the FACT that they claim to be 18 in their profile age listing and then when you finally get involved in conversation, that’s when they hit you with “I’m really only 14”.

There should be defense attorneys able to find a way to file a claim against the law enforcement agencies because they are hardly enforcing any laws by LYING that they are legal age and by posting that they are legal age, that’s what gets us to reply to their posts.
So what I’m saying here is that a GOOD attorney can fight the shit out of this and make the claim that you are actually NOT a “child predator” and that these stings are nothing but pats on the back for agents that otherwise have no crime to go investigate.

Something has got to be done. There must be a way.
These law enforcement agents are the true predators.
Now they’re on every dating app (phone app) that’s available. They claim being 18-20 and I’ve actually called a few of them out because the photos posted were so obviously young females. I’d write and say: “Hey, officer, catch any big fish today?” And within a few minutes the profile is gone. But they emerge again with a new profile and different photos.
This shit has got to stop. No. Seriously. Our society is so hooked on sex but only in negative ways.