Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy



Of course the Media uses terms like “predator” to describe ANY sex related offense. If it bleeds it leads. I responded to a Craigslist ad in a “bait and switch” sting and it was called “Man Arrested In Child Sex Trafficking Ring”. The many articles that followed the sting all used language like “child sex predator”, etc. to describe me.

Often more misinformation is used to back up the sensationalized story. In my case it was reported as “shocking” the hundreds of responses these “ads posted by children'” received. Actually the ad was posted in the gay casual encounters section of Craigslist by someone (a cop no doubt) who originally claimed to be eighteen. Hardly shocking at all it received lots of attention.

If the public knew the truth would they support the millions of federal dollars being spent on sex stings? Some still would, sure, but i bet many people would change their minds if these types of “bait and switch” stings were accurately portrayed by the Media.

Misinformation helps support the story that’s being told to the public that we must live in fear- and only Big Brother can protect us. So if the Govt needs to strip some rights away to “protect the children” who dares object?

In the not-too-distant future, when Big Brother is watching our every move, will our children be grateful we cashed in their rights for the illusion of protection?