Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general



Can you imagine what the consequences and future STATES and FED legislation would be for registrants in the event that SCOTUS granted Michigan request and REVERSE the 6th circuit (Snyder) opinion. Ever since SCOTUS gave it a green light for Smith v. Doe, sex offender laws have transformed into a de factor punishment disguises in “CIVIL” regulations. If SCOTUS once again gives a GREEN LIGHT to the SNYDER case as they did in SMITH case, I can foresee many more added restrictions, perhaps there will be GPS attached, more frequent home searches, more presence restrictions, SEX OFFENDER letters on all driver licenses in all states, added registration fees in more states, more frequents home visit checks, restrictions on association with opposite genders, more employment restrictions…and the list goes on in the form of CIVIL laws.