Reply To: Sticks, stones break bones, but names destroy



At one time “sexual predator” was applied to that small 1 to 3% of sex offenders who abducted, raped, and murdered children previously unknown to them. It was the Jacob Wetterling sort of offender.
Now it’s a term used across the board because “predator” brings up frightening imagery and plays on people’s fears. The sad thing is that even when facts backed by evidence are submitted to the contrary, the masses still choose to hang on to the hate.

Basically, people need to get honest and say it’s not that we’re afraid of you. It’s that you molested or raped an innocent child (or woman) and we’ll never forgive or forget what you’ve done. We hate your guts and want you and your kind exterminated from society. We don’t care about your so-called rights. You have no rights in our eyes; not even the right to keep breathing after you committed your crimes. This is even the sentiment of legislators and judges because they all are parents, grandparents, etc.

Some court rulings are giving me hope that judges are starting to be more objective in their rulings as in the 6th Circuit’s ruling against Michigan or the SCOTUS ruling in Packingham v. North Carolina, or J.I. v. State of New Jersey Parole Board. Of course it could be that the laws have gotten so out of proportion that the judges’ hands are tied and can no longer ignore the punitive intent behind these laws without revealing their own bias for the whole world to see.