Reply To: District Attorney to seek SCOTUS review of PA decision


Robin Vander Wall

Certainly not. If SCOTUS reverses the Sixth, it would be status quo for Michigan. It will have no effect in states like PA or AK. At least not insofar as their own state court decisions are concerned. However, the effect of a reversal would likely emboldened state legislatures throughout the country to enact even more onerous and burdensome statutes against registered citizens. However, if the high court does grant the petition, there will be a deluge of amicus briefs filed on both sides. Those that are opposed to a reversal will very likely cite to state supreme court decisions such as PA’s as supporting, persuasive reckoning in favor of allowing the Sixth Circuit opinion to stand. But I stand by my own legal reasoning in the belief that the Court will not grant cert UNLESS its intention is to reverse the Sixth Circuit. Otherwise, it affirms by default if it denies the petition, which is a whole lot easier. The Court is like any other branch of government. It only performs its duty when it absolutely has to….and, like the other branches, it’s always looking for a good reason to kick the ball.