Reply To: How many things are wrong about the sex offender registry?


R. Arens

I see a couple obvious problems with it. When every offender regardless of circumstance or tier level congests the registry website, the hard case offenders will remain hidden in plain sight! The next time some kid ends up missing, law enforcement agents end up shaking down 1400 low risk nobodies to get to the few actual possibilities. By then the kid will be dead while they shrug their shoulders and cop out with a “sorry, we did all we could. Damn sex offenders.” Laws like this are a financial drain on the taxpayer, it’s counterproductive and congests the court system with a bunch of rif raf bull s__t that should’ve been settled with a fine you pay by mail. What’s the penalty for not registering with selective service? I bet it’s less than a s/o registry violation. For god sake, it’s a clerical issue, not so much criminal in and of itself when you weigh apples to oranges. They need to ditch the registry and put that tax money into school books for the public schools that keep going under.