Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general



I have been in regular contact with Ms Aukerman from Michigan’s ACLU for a few years now, since I was convicted way back in 92, when Michigan did not have a registry nor was I told by a judge I had to register. I was put on it unconstitutionally in 95,for 25 years and then it got changed to life, then just in the last few years they even changed my registration date to my convection date of 6/1992 that’s fine because it been 25 years now since june of this year.

Anyway I was told that (if) WHEN we win, it will effect everyone on the registry in Michigan, Oh, Tenn, and KY as well I believe, but especially Michigan since it is our case. I hope they refuse to hear it, so I can finally get off this stupid thing, but then I hope they take it so that it will have an effect on ALL STATES. As far as Schuette goes he is an idiot along with Snyder and they both have but their feet in their mouths many times, and have both had the door shut in their faces, when it comes to this case and they will have the door shut in their face again, and it will finally be over at least for us here in Michigan.