Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general


If the U.S. Supreme court does not grant review; it will impact those 4 states directly, and affects all the courts indirectly. Meaning, all court cases will point to the 6th circuit opinion and how the U.S. Supreme court handled that opinion. When I went into verify my address this month in Michigan I was talking with the civil servant who was waiting on me; that person tried to tell me the ruling would only affect those people involved in the case. That might have been true if the federal appeals court had not mentioned Michigan’s SOR as being unconstitutional; and then addressed SORNA as a whole(Which I did not expect). Those justices seemed actually upset with how all the states have abused SORNA’s original intention. Not to mention U.S. Supreme court justice Elena Kagan’s words when she rejected Michigan’s request for an emergency stay of the ruling. It may have been a political error on Mr. Shuette’s part to say the U.S. Solicitor General’s opinion was unpersuasive. Just my opinion.