Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general

David O’reilly

Check out this observation. I read the 6th Circuit’s opinion in Snyder “5” times just to make sure I understood it very well. Then, when the MI AG, Mr. Schuette, filed his petition for Certiorari to SCOTUS, I also read it “5” times and the one thing that jumped out at me like a ghost in a haunted house on Halloween was the fact that in his petition, Mr. Schuette never addressed the two main reasons the 6th circuit ruled MI’s SORNA unconstitutional in the first place: 1) MI SORNA is punishment and 2) therefore violate both MI and federal ex post facto prohibitions. The only thing he talked about were no splits among federal circuits on this issue and MI losing its federal shake down, I mean federal grant monies.