Reply To: To OK legislators: Don’t remove valuable sex offender therapy option



One Size Fits All Legislation…

When are they going to learn that this is a poor legislative action to take?
Further stripping of civil rights and/or liberties of even those on a registry is a slippery slope indeed.

The late great Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Proposing laws to dictate where one person can not live for the sake of protecting others from a crime not yet committed is a boasted forseen assumption that they know or can see into the hearts of all those once convicted of a crime, as if a person can not be rehabilitated, ever. A thief is always a thief, an addict or alcoholic can not ever find sobriety, and a drug dealer or gang member will never realize the errors of their ways and turn to a new life, free of a crime ridden mentality. Are these things true? Don’t these such criminals all deserve a second chance at life without a restriction after they have paid their debts to society because they are trying to make things right?

How is anyone convicted of a sexual offense any different? Therapy works, and the best way to help reduce the acts of another crime against anyone is to see that the offender has not just family support, but also societal support as well. Banishment, restrictions, and buffer zones at their core is nothing more than public shame and scorn… pure punishment disguised at a protective measure, that truly does no such thing. Oh, what lies they tell. It is the politicians that should be ashamed of themselves for the sure lack of virtue made apparent by their boasting upon the right of the many at the cost of the few.

Does it no longer matter that there are those that may want to restore unity within a family previously ridden of abuse who wants to find healing for both the victim and the offender? Are these people’s rights to do so through the proper therapy channels not equal to the rights of anyone else?

In the very case of a juvenile offender who has been through therapy, even though they may have to live as a human being on the registry, with all its already forever difficult collateral consequences to his/her family, are we now going to stand by and watch as another law is passed that says, “Nope, this kid can’t even live with or anywhere near his family cause that’s for the greater good of all.”… even though their families want them there, want to reconcile, want to support, and want to forgive??

How is this even left up to a suit in an office who thinks he knows what’s best because of one instance that should be the very platform to stand on as a call not only for what’s best for Oklahomans, but what is best for other states as well?

There is no loophole to close. They are merely writers of pure fiction, and if this bill passes, it is because their constituents are eating it up thinking they feel safer at night, when all the while they’ve really just been lied to.

I hope something can be done to stop this.