Reply To: District Attorney to seek SCOTUS review of PA decision


The U.S. Supreme Court should deny review of the state appeal pertaining to the Sex Offender registration retroactively or extending the registry to prior convictions in which is punishment and not merely administrative as public servants claim. The prior ruling of the Sex Offender registry should never have been applied retroactively or to first time offenders period. The current penalty of a felony for not registering is not a new offense for a new charge because it reverts back to the original convictions of a sex offense. This is a blatant violation of Ex Post Facto and Bill of Attainder. Pure punishment in which does not protect society and is applied vindictively. Thousands of state plea bargains have been breached after the fact with this out lawry law. There will be another challenge in court to overturn prior convictions for not registering and those currently required to register retroactively in every state and federally.