Reply To: District Attorney to seek SCOTUS review of PA decision

George In Texas

I’ve shifted my view a bit on this and now think the best course of action is to pray that SCOTUS does NOT grant cert in either this decision from the PA SC or the Snyder case. Robin is correct that most likely if the SCOTUS takes these cases it will be to overturn them — that’s something that we must not suffer at this point in time.

Instead, IMO, we should focus our attention on the cases that have been defeated, or will meet defeat, at the lower levels and support their challenges up to the SCOTUS. The decisions from the 6th circuit (Snyder) as well as the PA SC can be used as material in the challenges. We need top level representation from here on out and select the best cases to throw our resources in with. Now is the time to strike — momentum is in our favor. For those, such as I, who believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking, the universal law of attraction or whatever you believe that is based in truth, now is the time to double down and concentrate on this time in history.

We have a great opportunity it seems, let’s not waste it please!