Reply To: New cottage industry developing — cashing in on sex offender registration


I live in Louisiana and the parish (county) charges an annual $60.00 registration fee. The city charges $200.00 annual fee after a $600.00 one time feel. YES, you read that correctly… six hundred dollar one time fee for all tiers.
I wish someone would go after these Louisiana ROS laws. The do not make sense. For instance, current laws do not allow me to work a carnival ride. However, I am not forbidden from being a dental hygienist. Also, I am not allowed to work for a company that pumps sewage from people’s septic tanks… but I can own and operate a martial arts school for minors provided I have a sign somewhere proclaiming my crime.
Tier 2 and 3 cannot be within 1000 feet of a school bus or a school at any time, yet the school board will not give Tier 2/3 ROS’s the school bus schedule so those ROS’s will know where they cannot be.
Depending on your tier level, you have to place an ad in the local newspaper every 5 years (tier 1), annually (tier 2), or every six months (tier 3). This ad must run for two days and has your photo, address, crime, physical description, age, etc. Also, you must pay a company to send out post cards to every address (residential & business) within 1500 feet of your address with the same info that is in the newspaper ad. If you live outside the city limits, this post card goes out to everyone within a mile of your residence. I asked the sheriff’s office for the list of addresses that they would be sending this card out to regarding myself and they seemed shock and/or incredulous and wanted to know why I wanted to know that info. I told them that I wanted to know that because if they sent out a card/notice to one single person that was one inch outside of that 1500 foot range that I would sue their office. They called my probation office and threatened to lock me up for refusing to cooperate.
By the way, my “crime” is an FCC violation (obscenity) and my charge is not on the SORNA list of qualifying charges to register. But Louisiana seems to believe it is. Doesn’t anyone have any sense in our capitals?