Reply To: Megan’s Law waste of time, money, report shows

G. Web

Well, the way they do this in Fl. as to the recidivism rate is, you were convicted of a sex offense, you do your time and or probation, you get registered as an SO, and no matter if you die or move from the state of Fl. you are still on the Fl. SO list. Now this part…… if you get re-arrested for ANY other crime, burglary, theft, buying or selling drugs, etc., it is considered by the state of Fl. to be recidivism BY A SEX OFFENDER. it doesn’t even have to be another sex offense, thus adding that to the statistics of recidivism. So all in all it is not a sexual re-offense, but they lump it all together as if it were. I went through many polygraphs and did not pass most of them due to a heart condition, Then was asked to take a voice stress analysis, I passed all of those and was asked to take another polygraph after the VSA, I passed the VSA and failed the polygraph. The Examiner said according to the VSA I was 100% truthful, but the polygraph said I was deceptive. He even told me before the VSA that it was much more reliable than the polygraph. So why is the polygraph test used at all? Two words…. JUNK SCIENCE. I also talked with many psychiatrists and psychologists, due to court order and prison order and all concurred I had some problems but not of a sexual disorder, and don’t pose a threat to anyone. But Florida still classified me as a tier 3 offender. WHY? Because it makes them money. MONEY and POWER is all these politicians care about, not ruining someone’s life just to get another vote by telling the general public lies about ” SEX OFFENDER RECIDIVISM, FRIGHTNING AND HIGH”. I think if they spoke the truth, they are scared the public might not like them very much and they would lose the POWER.