Reply To: Megan’s Law waste of time, money, report shows


David O’reilly

The information from this study is no surprise to me and should not be to anyone else. But here’s the thing, if though this study comes back the way it does, that is it does not support Megan’s Law, state law makers are not going to do anything about it. Sex offense issues are still the GOLD STANDARD for politicians’ either for election to public office or re-election to public office. And that is because of the general public’s continuing thirst for the blood of those convicted of sex crimes—period! They, state law makers, don’t care if these laws work or even make sense, all they know is that the public wants them and to not give more and more of these laws to them is political suicide. Now, if I may, I would like to make note of a particular point bought out by this study and how it relates to the “lie” about the so called high recidivism of people who have commit(ed) sex crimes, it states:
“…Sentences received prior to Megan’s Law were nearly TWICE as long as those received AFTER Megan’s Law was passed, but time served was approximately the same; in addition, significantly fewer sexual offenders have been paroled after the implementation of Megan’s Law than before (largely due to changes in sentencing)…”

Now think about a minute and ask yourself, ok, if this is the case, i.e., longer sentences, fewer paroles, well then just who are these people who out here like mad crazed dogs committing more sex crimes? And this is in NJ. I can tell you first hand that here in TX that one crime conviction and your ass is out of there let alone two or more. My point is this, to be a recidivist is to commit the same crime over and over—correct? And sure, there are guys who are mentally ill and do commit another sex crime and in TX your ass is not only going back to prison for at 20+ years and if and when you do get out you are going straight into a civil commitment facility never to be seen again—GUARANTEED!

And pretty much every state in the US has what CA calls “Three Strikes (convictions) and Your In for the Rest of Your Life” laws in place. TX damn sure has these laws but they are called “Enhancement Paragraphs” on your criminal indictment; therefore, for there to be a high recidivism rate for sex crimes, this would have to be state enabled. In other words, upon an arrest for a second sex crime, the state prosecution would have to allow for a small prison sentence and then the parole board would allow a fast revolving door—get it?

How else could there be a “Frightening and High” recidivism rate for sex crimes??? I don’t know if my hypothesis makes sense here and if not, will somebody please straighten me out on this? Tell me just how there is a high recidivism rate for sex crimes? I do listen to sound logic and reasoning and do heed wise counsel.

So please, somebody, anybody do explain it to me.