Reply To: New cottage industry developing — cashing in on sex offender registration


How are they going to know you are a RSO, unless you are pulled over by the Gestapo and show your ID. However, considering the draconian measures involved for not registering and paying the State’s extortion fee, you are taking your chances.

I am a RSO for 18 years (it should have been for 10 years but AWA changed all that, now it is for life) I no longer travel or leave the State of Kansas. I used to go to a Conception Abbey, a monastery in Missouri several times a year and usually stay a week, but not anymore, with having to register with the Gestapo in Missouri if I stayed more than 3 days, with similar draconian measures if I didn’t.

For the aged and infirm RSO’s no nursing home will accept them because they are a liability, even if they are in a wheel chair or bedridden.

Considering the direction this Country is heading, with the GPS ankle bracelets, GPS implants, etc., I won’t be surprised when all RSO’s are rounded up and put into segregated areas, like internment or concentration camps.

For me, at age 65 with type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and possible initial stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, I welcome death when it comes. The old saying “death is not a punishment, but a release”.