Reply To: New cottage industry developing — cashing in on sex offender registration


In my state (Wisconsin) we pay $100 a year to be on the registry. Last year they took it out of my tax return and charged me a $10 late fee- even tho it wasn’t late! If there’s 19,000 offenders in WI- that’s $1,900,000 just in regular fees. Wonder how many others have had their finances sacked with “late fees”? When i called and asked if i could get my ten bucks back i was basically told no.

There’s nearly a MILLION people in this Underclass of “Untouchables” our Government has created. And who cares? Not your average citizen. Until it happens to them in some way.

I was arrested in a sting. How much federal grant money have they raised thru the ICAC? From what i could tell this backwoods PD has gotten millions over the last ten years. For what?! Paying some guy to look at Craigslist personals all day (or night). How weird is that??

(Don’t forget the polygraph companies, SOT treatment providers, Supervision fees and Internet Filtering Services(costs me $12/month). Even my car insurance even went up!)

Really, it’s not about the money…it’s the unfairness.

[PS) Like the sleek new website!