Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry

NH Registrant

They changed the registry here in New Hampshire in 2009 just a few months PRIOR to my court date and conviction. My registration would have been 15 years. But, Kelly Ayotte (R) had it changed to 10yrs/Life/Life. Prior to that, I believe it was 10/15/Life. I’m not sure exactly and maybe someone who is also from NH can confirm. It’s ridiculous that I have to register for life since my conviction was a first time possession offense. But, I am considered a danger to the community for the rest of my life?? It’s amazing. $50 a year for the rest of my life. If I can’t pay it, they don’t care. They have certain “indigent exemptions” but they are never used here. They want that cash. I hope our state wises up like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many others have. But, I’m not waiting for it. NH is run by very stubborn, greedy, puritans.