Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



My thoughts exactly, DW.

If registrants are required to report changes within 3 days, I would proffer that the state likewise has 3 days within which to act upon the ruling. But you know that they will drag their feet and try to throw up barriers to prevent the mass removal of registrants who have *already completed their original punishment* (since we can call it punishment now) under Megan’s Law.

I also have a fear that even more websites will pop up endeavoring to quickly record all of the names on the registry as-is, thus truly handing down a lifetime punishment for thousands of low-risk offenders. People who serve their time need to be given the ability to move on and rebuild — not be tied permanently to Draconian standards of punishment. “But how can victims rebuild? They’re scarred for a lifetime,” you might say. I understand that viewpoint, but we’re talking about what the law spells out for us. We can’t decide willy-nilly what we want as punishment. Hell, I think there should be an equivalent list for animal abusers, elder abusers, and murderers (if anything to show that not everyone is an angel and is, in fact, a likely hypocrite), but just because I think it should happen doesn’t mean that it will. That’s for the system to decide based on the letter and spirit of the law. And, in this case, they did just that.